Top 6 Netflix Spy Movies

There are mainly two ways through which Hollywood treats spy films. The first is the realistic manner where they try to recreate the world of espionage as it is and the second is when they make it exciting with lots of action. Each type of …

The Best Old School Movies on Netflix

Regardless of how advanced modern filmmaking becomes or how sophisticated and convoluted Hollywood plots become, the oldies will remain golden. Most of us have favourite films that we watched in our younger years and don’t mind watching again and again to remember those days. Then, there …

Top 7 Robin Williams Movies on Netflix

When Robin Williams died, the whole world mourned the death of one of the best actors of his generation. Williams had the ability to single ­handedly carry a movie on his shoulder purely through his facial expressions and bodily gesticulations. Williams’ films are not only entertaining, …

Romance Movies on Netflix

Chivalry is dead­­ or is it? Romantic comedies and romance films are always a controversial subject between couples: one loves them, one thinks they’re ultra cheesy. Thankfully, Netflix’s wide range of these types of movies will ensure that you find one you can both settle …

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