African­-American Comedies and Dramas on Netflix

The month of February is Black History Month­­ a month where we celebrate everything about black culture and history. While there are a variety of ways to display your pride and participate in learning about the culture throughout this month, it should be an ongoing, always working process. If you’re looking for a subtle way to celebrate on the couch, check out one of these African­-American comedies or dramas on Netflix.


The Boondocks (2005­-2014): This Adult Swim animated series is an exemplary look at the clashing of worlds when a black family moves into a mostly white suburb. Hilarious and satirical, it deals with issues of race, class, cultures, and lifestyles that are not common in television series.

The Bernie Mac Show (2001-­2006): Classic comedian Bernie Mac takes on the responsibility of raising his sister’s three kids with his wife, Wanda, in this FOX series. There are a lot of similar elements to Modern Family, with camera monologues and a documentary type feel.

Black Coffee (2014): If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day movie, or even just for a date night inside, check out this romantic comedy about Robert, who in the midst of being fired from his father’s company, finds his soulmate­­ Morgan. The men hit it off…but not without a few laughs along the way.

Kevin Hart Stand-­Up: Don’t pretend you didn’t know this guy would be on our list. With many of Hart’s uproarious, honest, and sometimes controversial comedy routines available on Netflix, don’t settle for sub-par laughter.


Poetic Justice (1993): Tupac? Janet Jackson? Yes, and yes. This drama-­romance is beautifully done, with an overlay of poems read by Jackson (which were written by the timeless, late Maya Angelou), and a story to inspire you for a lifetime.

Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor (2013): When you’re really in the mood for something saucy, this is your choice. Full to the brim with morally-charged decisions, infidelity, adultery, and obviously, temptation, this story within a story is sure to make you give in.

Dark Girls (2011): See this, and see it soon. This documentary uncovers the racial biases and attitudes that exist about color, focusing on dark­-skinned women, inside and outside of the context of the Black American female.

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