Robert De Niro Movies on Netflix

Undeniably, Robert De Niro is one of the premier actors in Hollywood­­ and the man is over 70 years old. He’s been going strong for over fifty years, and it doesn’t seem like he has any plans of slowing down anytime soon. While you probably already know what films he is in, here is a list of those that you can find on Netflix when you crave that New York City drawl in your living room, probably on the weekends.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012): De Niro is a delusional and sometimes emotionally abusive father in this critically­ acclaimed romantic comedy­ drama. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence star alongside De Niro and play two people who meet under unlikely circumstances, making the most of each moment they have together.

Heat (1995): De Niro vs. Pacino, anyone? This crime drama depicts De Niro as a mastermind heisting criminal, and Pacino is the guy to bring him down. Of course, it is never that easy­­ and this film is no exception. The two men even form an affinity for each other, though they are in direct opposition. Great acting and building drama make this a great 90’s film.

The Untouchables (1987): Al Capone is the crime boss that everyone has heard of, but no one knows quite too much about­­ except that he was an absolute genius at what he did. Robert De Niro plays the man in this film about bringing the legendary mobster his due justice.

The Godfather Part II (1974): There is not a way to describe these movies successfully because they are so legendary, so we aren’t even going to try. Watch De Niro, amongst other incredible actors and actresses (Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Robert Duvall), bring the story of Vito Corleone to life in this sequel to the untouchable (pun intended) original.

Taxi Driver (1976): You think you’ve had some crazy taxi drivers before? They’ve got nothing on Robert De Niro in this film, who plays a disturbed, depressed psychotic of the same depression. He becomes obsessed with a young woman, and it only gets more psychologically nuts­o from there.

Men of Honor (2000): De Niro sure knows how to play jerks in films, and this is no exception. He tries to prevent Carl Brashear (Cuba Gooding Jr.) from becoming the first African­-American diver in the U.S. Navy, but because this is based on a true story­­ you know that he isn’t successful.

Meet the Fockers (2004): In this sequel to Meet the Parents, De Niro plays a sadistic father-in­law to Gaylord Focker (whoa.) and finally gets to meet his son­in­law’s parents. Hilarious and off­-the-­wall, this movie is sure to make you thankful for your own in­laws!

A Bronx Tale (1993): De Niro makes his directorial debut with this film about a young teenager in the Bronx with two male role models that act as fathers­­ and which one he decides, ultimately, to look up to.

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