The Best Old School Movies on Netflix

Regardless of how advanced modern filmmaking becomes or how sophisticated and convoluted Hollywood plots become, the oldies will remain golden. Most of us have favourite films that we watched in our younger years and don’t mind watching again and again to remember those days. Then, there are films that are so well made that they can be considered to be eternally relevant. In either case, we reiterate: sometimes you just can’t argue if a movie is good or not, because there is only one answer. Here’s our list of some of the best old school movies on Netflix.


Airplane launched the career of Leslie Nielsen. It is an extremely hilarious film that revolves around a plane crew. The film’s humour is firmly in the slapstick category, but it is so compelling that you won’t be able to stop laughing at the silliness of it all. Even though this is a slapstick comedy, they managed to turn it into a form of art. You’ll want to watch this one more than once to catch all the gags.

Coming To America

Coming to America is both funny and meaningful. This one is easily one of the best films that Eddie Murphy has ever done. He plays an African prince looking for the love of his life. He turns down the offer of arranged marriage and puts his reputation and princedom on the line so that he can find a woman he can respect and love. Murphy’s acting in this is neither over the top nor subtle. It’s just perfect.

Dirty Dancing

Most films in this list are comedies but Dirty Dancing isn’t. This is a film about the coming­-of­-age of a young girl who is protected to the point of being smothered and becoming naïve. This girl, on a holiday, comes across a young man (Patrick Swayze), who shows her what it means to live and love without any chains weighing you down. The sensuality in this film is something else and you won’t be able to resist the tingle that dances in this film will create in your fingers.


Grease is a romantic musical that launched the career of John Travolta. He plays the role of a high school kid who has fallen in love with Olivia Newton John, his summer fling. Travolta is a bad boy while Newton John is a good girl­­ and they soon have to go to school together after she moves. The whole film is about the two kids trying to love each other while battling with their established reputations in the school. This one is simply a classic and can be watched more than once, if not for the plot then for the dances and soundtracks.

Back To the Future

This movie has so much replay value that it’s unbelievable. The film is about a young man whose friend has just invented a time machine. The young man is played by Michael J. Fox who goes back in time and has to make sure that his parents hook up to ensure his own existence. This film is built around the paradoxes of time and has a superbly funny treatment.

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