Top 5 Paul Walker Movies on Netflix

When Paul Walker died in a car accident in 2013, the whole world mourned his passing; however, as is the case in Hollywood, his death also brought attention to his excellent body of work. Many people became interested in his films after the unfortunate accident, which is why we’ve compiled a list of top 5 Paul Walker movies on Netflix.

#5 The Death And Life Of Bobby Z

The Death and Life of Bobby Z’s name was changed to just Bobby Z after its release and that is how it is listed on Netflix. In this film, Paul Walker plays a good ­guy ex-marine who becomes a convict under unfair circumstances. Walker, while facing trouble with other inmates inside his prison, is offered the chance to walk free by a DEA agent played by Laurence Fishburne.

The catch is that he has to impersonate a drug lord in a prisoner swap deal. The drug lord looked just like him and has recently died. After the deal is struck, the prisoner swap goes awry and Walker has to go on the run. This one is a pure action thriller film.

#4 Into The Blue

Into The Blue sees Paul Walker being paired up with Jessica Alba as divers who look for treasure at the bottom of the ocean. The two are struggling to make ends meet but end up finding a historic wreck and next to it a crashed plane full of cocaine.

This film is about how the couple deals with criminals who are looking for the drug-filled wreckage. Involved in the mix are also a couple of other divers who are friends of the two leads. This film has some breath­taking island shots and will make you want to visit the beach.

#3 Timeline

Timeline is a film based on the sci­-fi­ meets ­fantasy book by Michael Crichton. The film diverges from the book a bit, even though the premise is the same. Paul Walker plays an archaeology student in the film whose father, a professor of archaeology, has gone back in time to medieval France. Now, Walker and his fellow students have to go back to retrieve the professor where they will be stuck between the English invasion and the French defense.

#2 Hours

If you truly want to know what Paul Walker was capable of in terms of acting, then you have to watch Hours. Hours can be considered to be Walker’s swansong in a way because it was released just after his death. In this film, Walker plays a distraught father whose wife has just died while giving birth to his daughter. Moreover, all this happens just before Hurricane Katrina strikes. With his new-­born daughter on ventilator, Walker has to keep the power running with a generator so that she can live.

#1 The Fast And The Furious

Paul Walker got famous because of just one movie and for many that film will always remain his best ever. This film was The Fast and the Furious which Walker did with Vin Diesel. Walker is an undercover cop in this film who’s been sent to destroy the world of street racing. After seeing what fun they have, he begins enjoying that world and faces a dilemma on whether to destroy it or not. Not only did this lead to a highly ­successful and lengthy franchise (the seventh and final installment will be released this year), but the fan base for these films keeps growing and growing.

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