Top 7 Must See Movies on Netflix!

The quality of films has improved significantly in the last decade. In fact, not only is Hollywood producing great films, their proliferation has made history in terms of how many films are released every year. This can make it a little difficult to keep a track of all the great films available on Netflix, so we’ve created a list of top 7 must see movies on Netflix for you to refer to whenever you’re couch­ bound!

#7 The Interview

The Interview is a film that has made headlines recently because of the way North Korea reacted to its release. In case you don’t know, Sony’s servers were hacked by the North Koreans as a form of revenge for the way The Interview portrays their dictator Kim Jong­ Un. This one is a comedy action where a talk show host and his producer are tasked to kill the North Korean dictator when they are invited to interview him.

#6 The Village

The Village is a typical M. Night Shyamalan film. This means that it is highly atmospheric and boasts of some really exceptional acting from a cast that was expertly chosen. The film is about an isolated village and their pact with monsters outside of their village of non­-interference; but as fate would have it, the pact is threatened and what happens after is shocking to say the least.

#5 Almost Famous

Almost Famous is a film that has a cult following even though it’s been more than a decade since it was released. It is a study of the culture that permeated through the youth in the days of Rock and Roll. It shows all the nuances of how a famous band lives with its groupies and recreational drugs. This film follows a teenager who is tasked with writing an article on his favourite band.

#4 The Wolf Of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is fun and serious at the same time. This is another film in the great series of films that Leonardo DiCaprio has been churning out as of late. In this film, you’ll see the story of Jordan Belfort, a genius stock broker who finds various ways of circumventing the laws governing his industry. This film can also be seen as a satire and exaggeration about the life of a high-­flying con-­artist business man.

#3 Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is a coming of age drama. It’s about a young janitor at MIT who also happens to be a mathematics prodigy ­­but that comes with his fair share of personal, emotional issues. This janitor, played by Matt Damon, is taken under the wing by Robin Williams who plays the role of a psychologist. The relationship that builds between these two great actors is mind ­blowing.

#2 Django Unchained

Django Unchained is another great film from Quentin Tarantino. This film is blessed with an ensemble cast including names like Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, and even Samuel L. Jackson. The film is about a slave, Django, who is freed by a German bounty hunter. The two then go about freeing Django’s wife against a plantation owner who is brutal and ruthless in how he treats his slaves.

#1 Sleepless In Seattle

This is the only romantic film on this list, but it is a romantic film on which all other romantic films should be measured. This film sees Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan come together in a pairing that has created sparks on­screen numerous times before. It’s a very heart­-warming film that is ideal for a date night.

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